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Focus On The Golden And Blue Hours

Waking up early and staying out late is one of the best travel photography tips I can give. That’s because early in the morning and around when the sun sets is when you’ll get the best light.

The Golden Hour is that time when the sun is low in the sky and it throws a magical, warm glow across the scene. Think the first hour after the sun peaks in the morning, and the last hour or two before the sun drops over the horizon in the afternoon.

The Blue Hour is when the sun is now below the horizon and the sky gives off this beautiful blue hue. When you’re taking pictures of city and landscapes this is gorgeous!

To take better travel photos you need to get up early for that sunrise shot and be out snapping images instead of sitting in a bar in the evenings. If you’re not a morning person, get used to setting an alarm. Make sure you get set up in your location beforesunrise is in full swing.

Taking photos in the middle of the day can still result in excellent shots, but in general you’ll find the sky too blown out unless there are some interesting clouds, and on a sunny day you’ll find the lighting can be a bit harsh.

Instead use the middle of the day to get street shots, or scout out locations for your sunrise and sunset photos.

Bonus Tip – Even if it looks like the sunrise or sunset might not be so beautiful, wait around. You never know when the clouds might break or the sky randomly lights up in brilliant colours.

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