This Is How To Blow Up Your Abs While Keeping A Narrow Waist

Want shredded abs with a narrow waistline?

When you consider building a shredded midsection many would consider using the traditional methods that have been popularized for decades now. For the most part many people have utilized specific ab based exercises in order to build solid abs. The truth is that though this training may help to build muscle in the abdominal region, it does little to help keep your waist narrow. In fact doing ab specific exercises can help to expand your waistline rather than taper it.

So what does that mean for the traditional school of thought? Well, it all depends on what kind of sport you’re competing in. Having a strong midsection can help for certain lifting based sports like strongman competitions and the like as well as combat sports where you’ll need strong muscles in the core as a form of protective armor. But even in those cases there are other exercises that can be performed to strengthen the midsection. For a bodybuilder looking to stay aesthetic doing sit ups, weighted cable crunches, and oblique crunches will nothing but make your waist thicker. It will certainly be stronger, but it won’t be narrow. So how exactly do you build up great ab muscles without focusing on ab exercises?

The simple solution is the squat.

There’s a reason why the squat is called the King of all exercises. Not only does squatting work your leg muscle it also works your core as well as increase your functional strength. It’s a great exercise to build up muscle in the abs as your core does a great deal of the explosive work at the bottom portion of the lift. By dieting correctly, consuming the right amount of water, and performing traditional exercises like the squat and deadlift, your abs will show with no problems. It’s about blasting the fatty tissue around the abdominal wall. By getting rid of the fat, your abs will be looking shredded and most importantly your waist will remain narrow.

How do you build up your abs?

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