Proven Tips To Avoid Blurry Photos By Choosing the Right Autofocus Mode

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2. Do You Have a Static or Moving Subject?

There are four basic options for autofocus settings in DSLR camera which you will use based on the conditions of your subject. These options include single, auto, continuous, or manual option.

Choose “One Shot” for Canon and “AF-S” for Nikon if your subject is static. Choosing this mode will help you to lock in your focus based on your subject’s distance to the camera. Your photo will be in focus as far as your subject stays at that distance. Note that you will only get the right result with this mode if your subject is in stationary position. Your camera won’t be able to lock focus if your subject is moving.

– What to do when your subject is moving:

Alternatively, if your subject is moving, you should probably use continuous autofocus mode (“AF-C” in Nikon) to place your autofocus point over your subject. You will be able to continue adjusting the focus by holding down the shutter button. This act will help you keep your subject in focus while it moves.

– What to do when your subject is not moving but you suspect it might move:

This is a very tricky situation. In order to get the right focus when you find yourself in this situation, you will need to merge the functionality of the single autofocus and continuous autofocus.

You can achieve this by using hybrid mode which is known as “AI” in Canon, and “AF-A” in Nikon. This mode usually starts out as a single auto focus but won’t focus until you lock in on a stationary subject. You can then be able to take your shot as your would in a traditional single auto focus mode once your subject is in focus.

Note that the autofocus will release and continues to track your subject if it starts moving again. This mode gives you the best of both worlds.

– What to do When your Autofocus Isn’t Getting it Right

In some situation, you can turn off your autofocus by accident. Although this rarely happens, but it won’t hurt to check once in a while if your autofocus isn’t getting it right like you would’ve preferred.

Alternatively, you can turn off the autofocus function and work with your Manual settings. It might be more efficient focusing the camera yourself using the manual settings when your autofocus is having trouble detecting your focus point.

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