Learn Light Painting Photography In 4 Super Simple Steps

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Step 4: Review Your Image and Experiment

This is the beauty of working with digital cameras, you get instant results! Get creative by adding in colored lights (use the colored tissue paper or gels), different light sources, or different locations for added ambient light. The sky is the limit on what kind of light painting photos you can create!

Light painting with colors - Photo by: Kendra Swalls

Get Inspired

Once you’ve experimented with different settings and practiced painting with the flashlight, the sky is the limit as to what you can create. As we mentioned before, this can also be a fun shoot to get your kids involved in. Show them these photos of Pablo Picasso trying his hand at light painting photography, then give your kids a flashlight and let them paint up the night!

Here’s just a sampling of the kinds of things you can invent, but remember, creativity is key, so be sure to do your own thing, too!

light painting product photogrpahy

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