Five Tips for Improving Your Landscape Photography Compositions

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Whether you are exclusively a landscape photographer or simply someone who likes to capture awesome shots of just about anything, landscape photography can be an excellent way to hone your ability to put together a composition. Lots of subjects that result in excellent shots require a photographer to react quickly in order to capture a moment that will be gone in mere seconds. A landscape, on the other hand, comes with a stillness that allows that same photographer to stop, contemplate, and focus on what would make that composition really pop. Below are some tips for using landscapes to put together some positively stunning compositions.

Use Plant Life to Frame Your Shot

Framing is the practice of using objects located in the foreground to showcase a chosen point of interest in the background of an image. Although lots of natural objects make terrific framing devices for mountain peaks, wildlife, or waterfalls, trees and other forms of plant life are perfect for this. Framing helps add visual interest and balance to your landscapes. Experiment a bit with different set-ups and see what works for you.

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