15 Brilliant Uses for Bubble Wrap You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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4. Padded hanger

You can use this trick to avoid creases in your pants. Just tape and wrap a piece of bubble wrap around the base of a normal hanger.

5. Groceries

There’s nothing worse than finding half-melted ice cream when you get home and this trick will help you avoid it. Bubble wrap is very good insulation material and it will help you keep your groceries cold or warm. Just line your grocery bags with bubble wrap before using them.

6. Keep tools in good condition

Line your toolbox with bubble wrap to protect your tools. Hold the wrap in place with duct tape. The cushioning will help your tools last longer.

7. Protect outdoor plants

Protect outdoor plants from frost by wrapping them in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap is very good for insulation and it will keep the plants warm.

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