15 Brilliant Uses for Bubble Wrap You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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If you thought that the only thing you can do with bubble wrap is to pop it to release stress, be prepared for a surprise because there are actually so many ways to use it! It’s so practical that there’s even a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

We at Listabs always like learning new handy tricks and we came up with this selection to share with you. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Window insulation

Lower your heating bill by using bubble wrap as window insulation. Just spray a bit of water and stick on your bubble wrap bubble-side toward the glass. It’s also very easy to take down and put back up again. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Cake decorating

You can make a very cool cake decoration with bubble wrap. cool stuff, cool stuff

Spread melted chocolate onto clean bubble wrap and wrap it all around the cake. When the chocolate hardens, peel off the bubble wrap. You can make the chocolate just slightly taller than the cake to hold toppings.

3. Wall decoration

By injecting paint into the bubbles, you can make a very unique art project. It looks almost like a 3D design and you can create almost anything you want!

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