21 Weird But Brilliant Uses for Baby Wipes to Make Life Easier

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Why do we call them “baby wipes” anyway?  Shouldn’t they just be called wipes? After reading what seems like a million uses for baby wipes…other than for wiping the baby…I think there should be a regular wipes section at the store as big as the baby wipes section. Have you ever noticed how much “real estate” is dedicated to baby wipes at your local Walmart or your local grocery store? It’s pretty impressive. But so are all the ways I discovered people are using these handy little helpers.

Even though we haven’t had a “baby” in our house for many years…we always have baby wipes around. Which got me thinking about what other people (with or without babies) are using baby wipes for….besides their babies. cool stuff, cool stuff

The uses I found were practically endless…but here is a compilation of some of my favorites!

1) Removing eye makeup. This is probably the thing I personally use them for the most. To make them a little more gentle for sensitive (or aging) skin, add a drop or two of fractionated coconut oil. cool stuff, cool stuff

2) Toilet paper substitute (for when the roll runs out.) A poll I read said 57% of us have done this! 😉 Baby wipes are a good alternative every now and then. Also handy for recently toilet trained children and for when they need a little extra help cleaning up. Just remember not to flush them. cool stuff, cool stuff

3) Removing hair dye stains from your forehead and neck when dying your own hair. Keep them handy and wipe stains right away. They are also good at cleaning up any mistakes you make during a DIY manicure or pedicure session or when you accidentally use too much spray tanner!

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