An Etiquette Expert Revealed 10 Rules That Can Make You Look Like a Princess

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6. Make introductions between guests as fast as possible.

Your task as a host is to talk to each of your guests and make sure they feel comfortable. Help your guests find common interests. All introductions must be made before starting a meal.

7. Take 3 bites and stop.

Duchesses always put back cutlery after having bitten a dish 3 or 4 times within one time. Also, all the members of the royal family are forbidden to start eating before the Queen. Moreover, it’s necessary to watch the pace at which the Queen is eating because once she finishes eating, all others at the table should stop eating as well. This rule works both at state banquettes and during private tea ceremonies.

8. Hold cups of tea and coffee correctly.

Etiquette rules say that cups with tea and coffee should be held differently. A cup with tea should be held by meeting a thumb and an index finger through the handle, while the middle finger should be placed under the handle supporting the cup (like in the photo). If you are holding a coffee cup, then the index finger can be looped through the cup handle.

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