A Set of Conclusions People Jump to When They See You for the First Time

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4. How successful are you?

If you want to make the impression of a successful man, put on a suit that fits your body perfectly. The best option is a suit tailored individually for you. People in your surroundings notice details like proper and precise tailoring and how comfortable you seem. From this they draw conclusions about your success. This was discovered by a group of scientists from Great Britain and Turkey.

Surprisingly, women in short skirts and blouses with deep cuts are perceived as employees with a lower status more so than ladies that follow the dress-code and wear more conservative clothing. Scientists attribute this to the fact that more conservative body language has historically been associated with power. The representatives of ruling structures have always worn modest clothes.

5. How confident are you?

Shaking hands also helps people draw appropriate conclusions about you. According to psychologists, a good handshake is one that is quite strong, not too long or fast, done while looking into the eyes of your opponent.

A strong, palm-gripping handshake is perceived as a sign of aggression, a desire to dominate, and hints at the fact that you are a dangerous competitor. A handshake that is too weak is a signal that you aren’t interested in communication and that you are weak-willed. A handshake that is too quick signals that you want to finish it ASAP and denotes nervousness and self-doubt. If you want to show your unique attitude and gain trust, shake the hand of your opponent with both hands. They will remember you as a pleasant and honest person.

6. How conscientious are you?

The appropriateness and state of your shoes can affect both your career and personal life. The director of Sydney’s Raw Fashion Agency, Faith Agugu, says, “If I meet someone and see that their shoes are unclean and scruffy, then I know it’s not going to happen. If a man doesn’t take care of his shoes, why would he take care of me? I also evaluate the shoes of potential business partners at our meetings and it helps me understand whether I want to do business with them or not.”

Shoes can tell a lot about our age, social status, level of income, and even emotional stability.This fact was discovered during a scientific experiment at the University of Kansas. Psychologists handed out photos of 208 pairs of shoes to 63 students and asked them to form conclusions about the people who wear them. The interviewed were sure that classic and clean shoes (even if they were not new) say that the owner is conscientious and responsible. Stylish and expensive shoes show status and stability. Bright and unusual shoes, according to the participants, belong to extroverts. If the shoes were new, ultra-trendy or puffy, it was said to be a signal that you could be suffering from anxiety, a strong wish to impress others and an obsession with the way you look.

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