A Set of Conclusions People Jump to When They See You for the First Time

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People who we meet for the first time decide whether they like us or not, as well as which things we are capable of, even before we start to speak. It happens subconsciously, sometimes in less than a second. It’s this first impression that is so hard to change later. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Listabs.com found out what conclusions people make about each other within the first seconds of meeting. Keep this information in mind because it can help you impress your new acquaintances.

1. Can people trust you?

Our brain takes only 0.1 second to calculate whether it’s worth trusting a stranger or not. Scientists from Princeton University figured out some interesting things during an unusual experiment. The first group of people were shown photos of strangers in 0.1 second, while the second group of people had an unlimited time to study those photos. Both groups were supposed to choose which people in the photos were trustworthy and which were not. Surprisingly the choices of both groups matched. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

The conclusion is simple: your new friend subconsciously decides whether he will trust you or not before you say a word.

2. How available are you?

We don’t have very pleasant news for tattoo lovers. A graduate psychology major at the University of Texas, Lisa Oakes, came to the conclusion that women with tattoos are perceived as more accessible and prone to a frequent change of partners and occasional sex. However, tattooed men are perceived differently.

Here is how Kayla Hylton, an employee of a tattoo parlor, commented on the results of the research (the photos of Kayla’s tattoos were part of the experiment): “In my opinion, tattoos are a really big commitment. If you are able to commit to having something on you for the rest of your life, I don’t see a problem committing to someone else for the rest of your life.” That sounds fair. Nevertheless, we should admit that stereotypes in society are quite strong and sometimes it’s better to hide your tattoos under clothes, especially if you want to make a good impression on someone.

3. How prone are you to leadership?

Bald men can rejoice — they come across as strong-willed personalities with leadership skills that are able to manage people and their surroundings. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found this out during an experiment where they were showing photos of bald and hairy men to a group of volunteers. The participants considered the bald men to be more courageous, dominant, tall, and strong. However, participants thought they were 4 years older than their actual age.

This effect relates only to completely bald men. Those who have partially started to lose hair are out of this group. So if a man with bald patches wants to appear more dominant, he should shave his head completely.

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