9 Insanely Smart Hacks That Can Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

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4. Apply liquid leather to bring your sofa back to life.

Pick up “liquid leather” from Amazon or eBay and apply it over the cracks of an old couch or an old leather chair to give the piece of furniture a new look.

5. Use a simple walnut to remove scratches.

Wooden floors and surfaces are prone to scratching and sometimes it is incredibly inconvenient. To remove small scratches from wood, use a peeled walnut. Take a half, rub it along the scratch several times, and let it soak in for at least several minutes. Then polish it with a clean cloth.

6. Tile old tables to give them a fresh look.

Speaking of table tops, if your old one looks like it’s ready to be thrown out, you can just use glue to decorate it with tiles. Pick a specific design to make the tabletop match the interior or pick something neutral so that the table can be used for a long time. It doesn’t hurt that tiles are heat and stain-resistant.

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