9 Hidden Gems For Outdoor Photographers

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The best thing about outdoor photography is its versatility: whether you live in the middle of Manhattan or in rural Montana, there’s always an opportunity for a great shot. All you need is a little creativity and a great camera. That said, some locations are more fun to photograph than others, and we’ve rounded up 9 truly exceptional hidden gems in the United States that are worth the trip. Stunning doesn’t even begin to cover it.

1. John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon

These hills are famous for being painted in ombre hues of pink and coral, which are truly spectacular at sunset. There are plenty of hiking trails and places to set up your landscape photo, so have at it.

2. Platte Cove, NY

The 700,000 acre Catskills preserve is home to endless hiking trails and panoramic views, making it the perfect stomping ground for an outdoor photographer to explore. But the real treat is heading to Platte Clove, an infamously difficult climb with major payoff when it comes to its expansive view. Go in the fall for optimal gorgeousness.

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