8 Symptoms of Meningitis That Every Parent Should Know About

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5. Sensitivity to bright light

Another sign of meningitis is a fear of bright light because it causes watering of the child’s eyes and nausea together with a headache that becomes stronger.

6. Rigidity of the occipital muscles

A child with meningitis may be in a particularly recognizable position: lying on his side with his head thrown back and his legs bent. Attempts to unbend his neck are often not successful.

7. Inability to unbend legs

Even if you manage to bend the child’s head to his chest, his legs instantly bend at his knees, and they are impossible to unbend in this position. This phenomenon is called the Brudziński neck sign.

With meningitis, the Kernig’s sign also appears, where one cannot completely extend his leg if it’s lifted at approximately 90°.

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