8 Killers Tips to Help You Master the On-Camera Flash

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Some photographers choose to use their on-camera flash rather than buy light modification attachments. For others, this may sound a bit limiting or maybe even difficult because your camera’s flash is something quite simple, compared to the highly advanced flash attachments, at least.

But, there are always things that you can do and techniques you can follow so you can use your on-camera flash to your advantage.

Pop-up flash on the Nikon D750

Additionally, using your camera’s flash will inspire you to become more innovative and more creative. The end result would even surprise you!

Making the Most Out of Your On-Camera Flash

1. Fill Flash

One of the things that often “disrupt” a perfect scene are unwanted shadows, specifically when you are doing portrait shoots. Most of the time, this happens when you shoot outdoors, in broad daylight. For this reason, you should use your on-camera flash.

This may seem quite strange to some, but using on-camera flash helps take away the shadows that irritate you. This is what you call fill flash and it is a technique that professional photographers use especially when shooting backlit subjects.

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