8 Easy Ways To Get Started With A Photography Habit Today

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4. Look At Everyday Things

When the bustle of life traps you, it could be difficult to find time to take to the hobby. But then if you have a few minutes at hand, there are things you can snap around the house. Pick up common things and challenge yourself to shoot with different point of views. You can also try shooting them with different apertures, play with light, or shoot in the dark. You can take to Google Image Search or large pools like Flickr and search for similar images to learn from. Use simple keywords for the common household items (as the screenshot above shows).

5. Shoot Around a Single Theme

Habits should be kept simple. The ideal way to uncomplicate your photography is to limit yourself to a single theme for your photographs. It could be a single color, a single object, the routinely changing sky, sunsets, sunrises, or just about anything else like shoes. Again, you can turn to online communities like Flickr and Instagram. For instance, you can find Flickr groups and pools around everyday objects like fire hydrants, umbrellas, shoes, road signs, and anything else you can think of.  Instagram also makes itself easily searchable with the help of hashtags and you can be sure that your wildest single-theme idea has already found a place here.

Another way to push the habit is to set up photo scavenger hunts. Similar to other kinds of scavenger hunts, you get a list of things to shoot within a time frame.

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