8 Easy Ways To Get Started With A Photography Habit Today

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2. Look At Photography

The world has gone hog wild with photographs. There’s no dearth of places to look. From amazingly creative Flickr Groups to photography learning websites. Look at some of the best photographs and use a tool like Pinterest to collate your own image boards around your interests. It could be photos around specific styles or it can be simply educational, like an image board on photography infographics.

Yes, it could trap you into just admiring the works of others…but then it could also push you to take your camera and do some shooting of your own.

3. Don’t Look At Photography

Study other art forms. Photography like any other has a lot to do with developing a creative eye. And I believe it can be learnt and also transferred from one art form to another. Noticing form, texture, pattern, and style is as common to photography as it is to something like painting…or instead of brandishing a brush, you can just stand back and admire a beautiful painting in a museum. The Web has made other art forms easily accessible. You could spend an evening with Google’s Art Project which is a virtual museum bringing together some of the rarest of artifacts from the renowned collections around the world. 

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