7 Ways Photography Can Improve Your Life Today

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Why learn photography? It’s a good question. Of all the other pursuits that you could spend your time and energy on, why choose cameras and photos? Well, in short, because it can increase the quality of your life in so many ways.

Though this article can prove beneficial to anyone, it was specifically written with three kinds of people in mind:

  • Non-photographers who are thinking about learning photography but aren’t sure if the big initial investment is worth it or if the benefits are worth the effort.
  • Photographers who are feeling mentally burned out and want to remind themselves of why they started photography in the first place.
  • Struggling photographers who aren’t sure if they should keep going and are looking for reasons to justify this hobby or career path.

If any of those describe you, keep reading. Here are several ways in which photography can make your life better, so start learning it today (or keep going if you’ve already started).

1. It Can Make You Happier

I know a lot of people might disagree, but photography does have the potential to make you a happier person — which is also true of many other creative hobbies — and there’s science to back up that claim.

Long story short, photographs have more power to lift your mood than eating chocolate, listening to music, watching TV, or drinking alcohol. All of those things register an average mood increase of 1% whereas photographs are closer to 11%.

Not only that, but the very act of photography is both satisfying and stress relieving, at least for some people. For everyone else, photography still gives you a way to deal with idle hands and restlessness.

It provides a creative outlet that’s distinctly unique from other forms of creativity, like drawing, painting, or writing. It’s less about creating from nothing than it is about capturing what’s already there, and there’s a lot of power in that difference.

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