7 Tips That Will Take Your Vacation Photography To A Whole New Level

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3. Think Small…Not Big

With vacation photos, bigger is not always better. In fact, you want to reject conventional wisdom altogether and go small, not big! It’s always tempting to take shots of majestic things like a wondrous, sizable mountain, yet shots like that suffer from a dearth of both texture and definition. There will be so many competing elements for your viewers to look at that they’ll get confused as to what to check out first!

Therefore, go macro. After you take that shot of the huge mountain, downsize. Incorporate some context to your shots by then snapping small animals, the textures of rocks and even the petals of flowers.

When you shoot macro, you should learn to view the world in an unorthodox way to help you get more detailed shots. A tip is to position your camera close to the ground and then use live view or preview on your digital camera to compose your shot. This’ll spare you from having to lie down on the hard ground while still being able to shoot from ground-level.

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