7 Tips That Will Take Your Vacation Photography To A Whole New Level

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2. People Will Help Demonstrate Scale

Scale can be invaluable in picture-taking. It helps to give viewers a better perspective of how large or small your subjects are. Luckily for you, when you’re vacationing, you’ll have plenty of people around you who’ll be only too happy to help you show scale in your pictures. These are your friends and family who are with you on the trip…so use them!

As opposed to having your friends and family just stand in front of a landmark like they’re lining up for something, have them pose in more interesting formations. For instance, have them stand right in the middle of a curious scene or put them beside a huge object to show its sense of scale.

Showing scale is all about creatively having people pose next to interesting objects. Rather than just having them stand next to the entrance sign of a landmark, get them to excitedly point at a nearby waterfall. Setting up your shots in this way takes more planning and thinking, but it’ll be worth it when you flourish as a better photographer.

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