7 Simple Ways to Instantly Boost Your Photography Skills

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4. Find Photographers on Twitter

On the same lines, you should follow photographers on Twitter. Seek out professionals and amateurs—both will help you improve by osmosis. Seeing other people’s work will inspire you to get out there and produce the very best you can.

Aside from this, they’ll likely share advice, personal struggles, and how they overcome those hurdles. It’s humbling to note that everyone goes through the same difficulties. Looking up to a peer’s portfolio is one thing; recognizing that they have similar issues makes you feel better about the problems you face.

Plus, it’s important to remember that this is a community. Hobbies are fantastic, but they shouldn’t be isolating. Being active on social media will mean you’ll develop new friendships and get your work noticed by all the right people!

5. Create a Mood Board

This is all about inspiration. But inspiration isn’t always about looking at pictures you wished you’d taken. It’s also about exploring new themes.

A mood board is a collage consisting of many different materials that adhere to one subject. You could pick an event, or a place, or a color. It’s an examination of a particular field. This can be created over a few sessions, developing as you see articles, images, and materials in everyday life.

You’ve heard of Picasso’s Blue Period, right? In the early 1900s, the artist created a series of paintings in shades of blue or blue-green. This meant each one felt tinged with sadness—cold and haunted, reflecting Pablo’s depression (possibly after the suicide of his friend and fellow artist, Carlos Casagemas).

A piece is always a reflection of its creator, and a mood board can open up possibilities for your photography.

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