7 Major Elements of Photography Business Plan

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2. Define Your Target Audience

Defining your audience is important to shape your business, services, branding and marketing efforts as a whole system. You won’t be able to define why you’re attracting a certain market without understanding who your target audience is and clearly understanding their needs.

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For instance, if you’re a wedding photographer, your audience is not families with four kids and a dog. Your audience will be engaged couples, who are going to get married soon. It may seem pretty obvious, but when it comes to your marketing efforts, you need to stay focused on this particular group of people.

3. Creating a Marketing Plan

Even if the words “marketing plan” sound challenging to you, you need to create a plan to follow to increase your sales and grow your business. In fact, it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

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Often you may need multiple campaigns using various channels to make your marketing efforts pay off. While writing your marketing plan consider the following categories:

  • Social Media: Facebook fan page, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest;
  • Direct Mail: updates, discounts, postcards, “thank you” cards;
  • Face-to-face visits: local vendors and stores to hand out your business cards;
  • Events: trade shows, exhibitions, volunteer events;
  • SEO: Seo-optimization of your website and blogging;
  • Outbound marketing: email newsletter.
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