7 Easy Tricks for Shooting Innovative Portraits

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3. Use reflections

During your shoot, look for sources of reflections. Puddles, metallic surfaces, and glass are just a few surfaces that add to your compositions.

4. Light from behind

Positioning light behind a subject sets him or her off from the background and adds a more professional look to your photos.

5. Keep moving

You can dramatically change a photo simply by walking around your subject to get different viewpoints with same light and pose. Take several portraits from a wide range of angles to see which perspective looks best.

6. Shoot into the light

Turn your light setup around. Try putting your subject directly in front of a large softbox and shooting into it. This creates a bright backlit background.

7. Bounce the light. Clay encourages his students to “play bumper pool” by bouncing light around the frame. Use multiple reflectors and cards to shape the light around your model.

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