7 Easy Tricks for Shooting Innovative Portraits

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How do you keep your photos looking fresh after years of shooting? Clay Blackmore has been taking professional portraits for more than twenty years, yet his clients will tell you that his photos are anything but stale. In his creativeLIVE course, Pose It, Light It, Love It, Clay shares some of his tips for creating innovative portraits:

1. Shoot through something

Natural frames and transparent surfaces give your images depth. Clay often has his models lay under a sheet of plexiglass for a distinctive look. Sprinkle leaves or flower petals on the plexiglass to create a foreground. Steam the glass up to make it look like your model is in the tundra. There possibilities are nearly endless.

2. Roll them up

Clay changes up his shoots by rolling his models up in light paper backdrops in a style that he calls “the burrito.” Not only do his subjects have fun, but the soft light reflected on them from all sides makes for gorgeous portraits.

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