7 Camera Setting Mistakes Most Beginners Make

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6. Format

Have you noticed that sometimes the quality of your photos has been reduced after post-processing? In this situation, you may want to check the image format. DJI offers three photo format options: JPEG, RAW, and JPEG+RAW. We recommend that you use RAW if you‘re going to edit the photo later. This is because RAW maintains much more information and detail than JPEG. So you can edit RAW without lowering the image’s standard.

7. Photo Mode

Getting multiple images when you only intended to take a single shot? DJI drones support various photo modes-Single, Multiple, AEB, HDR, Timed Shot, etc. Go to the photo mode menu and make sure that you have selected Single Shot.

Making sense of various buttons in camera menus can be daunting but worth it. Learn from these mistakes to get good quality shots and take your photography skills to a new height.

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