7 Camera Setting Mistakes Most Beginners Make

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4. White Balance

The colors in your images don’t look right? When your pictures appear with an unappealing color cast, you should readjust the White Balance. Different light sources have different color temperatures. As the camera can’t adjust automatically for it, you need to modify the color tone of the image manually. To keep it as simple as possible: the camera needs to add warm tones in cool light condition and cool tones in warm light condition to get close to what you observe with your naked eye. We recommend you to use Auto White Balance as it works well in most situations.

Also, note that you can adjust white balance without degrading the image quality in a photo editor if you shoot in RAW. But if it’s shot in JPEG, the image will lose some of its quality.

5. Focus

Getting blurred images? When you tried tapping the screen to focus, it didn’t work? This can happen when you select MF(Manual Focus) mode. Switch to AF (Auto-Focus), so you can tap to focus. However, when it’s dark, and autofocus doesn’t work, you can switch to MF and activate focus peaking. This will assist you to get accurate focus.

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