6 Unusual Ways To Improve Your Street Photography

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2. Photograph Alone


The biggest mistake I see most people make when taking street photographs is going in groups. Sure it’s “safer” but street photography really isn’t a dangerous sport. In fact, you’re likely to take better photographs alone as opposed to being in a large group–nobody wants to be attacked by the paparazzi.

But in all seriousness, other photographers just hold you back. If you’re not a confident shooter than you feel like you’re being watched, which sucks because you’re not able to shoot freely, they constantly jump in and correct your process, which will just make you further insecure.

If you’re someone they respect or look up to, you’ll feel as if you’re teaching. You’ll constantly find yourself answering questions or coaching as opposed to shooting. They may even get in your way at times. Picture a subject walking down the street and your group is standing there quietly with 16 cameras…That subject is likely to cross the street or put their head down when walking past. It’s a lose-lose situation.

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