6 Tips to Make Your Aerial Videography Stand Out

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Sideways Movements

Want to reveal the surrounding landscape from another perspective? Strafing movements take care of that! Choose an object to start, then move to the side and let the subject slide across so you can show the landscape behind. Your footage will have a more intense sense of space when it’s shot with a wide-angle lens.

Avoid Sudden Movements

Don’t make sudden adjustments unless it’s for safety reasons as an unnecessary push of the remote controller stick may ruin a good shot, as demonstrated below. Maintain the preset direction and keep the gimbal motion smooth. Additionally, remember to tap the record button a few seconds in advance so that you won’t miss the ideal moment.

Do you find these shot techniques and maneuvers helpful? Try out some new maneuvers and share your stunning footage with us! Don’t forget to join our  Offical Owners Facebook group to improve your flying techniques, learn tips and tricks from other pilots!

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