6 Tips to Make Your Aerial Videography Stand Out

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Fly at Low Altitude

Many people assume that aerial videography is all about gaining height. Though high altitude flying can accommodate an ampler shooting space, low altitude flying can show objects in detail and create an immersive experience. Additionally, when you speed up, you can easily convey an intense feeling to your footage. But pay attention to the flight environment, especially the changes of obstacle height, to ensure flight safety.

Follow the Subject from Different Angles

Following a subject from behind is a classic filming move. But since it’s easy to film from different angles with your drone, why not try them out? ActiveTrack can assist you effortlessly keep the subject in the center of the frame no matter which angle you take. Trace mode will follow the subject as it moves away even if they change the direction. In Profile mode, your drone will fly parallel the subject. It will stay the same distance away from the subject. You can always adjust the framing of the subject by using the tilt dial. Consider different combinations to make your footage more interesting. Always pay attention to the flight environment when flying sideways or backward.

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