6 Tips to Make Your Aerial Videography Stand Out

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Do you sometimes find your aerial footage dull and wonder how you can give it a boost? Killer drone shots are not that hard to achieve. Below are 6 aerial videography tips to make your aerial footage stand out!

1. Combine Different Axis Movements

Your footage can hardly stand out when your drone only moves forwards or backward. To add more depth to your footage, you can try out different combinations of axis movements. For instance, simultaneously fly up and backward or fly sideways while flying up and forward. Make sure to be gentle on the remote controller’s sticks as slow and steady movements make your footage more cinematic.

 If you still need some time to get the hang of drone operations, we recommend you use Tapfly mode. This intelligent flight mode sends your drone flying steadily in the direction you tap on the screen so that you can focus on other operations, making complex flight combos easy to achieve. Just press and hold the target area on the screen and wait for the GO icon to appear. Then tap GO to confirm, and your drone will fly towards the target location. It’s almost like you have an experienced pilot assisting you.

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