6 Secret Photography Lighting Techniques For Capturing A Good Photo

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Everyone loves to take pictures. With the easy availability of cheap DSLR cameras on the market and the advent of affordable photography gadgets, who wouldn’t right?

If you are one of those who loves photography, then you probably are already aware of one or two techniques to make your pictures look awesome! But if you’re looking to further improve your photography skills, then I have six photography lighting techniques to help take your pictures to the next level.

1. Split Lighting

Split lighting is a technique where the subject’s face is somewhat divided into equal halves (one appearing on the light and the other in the shadow).

This simple lighting technique is normally used in art works and dramatic images that includes portraits. To achieve this effect simply illuminate one half of your subject’s portrait and take the picture straight on.

One of the things that you can do to emphasize your photo’s split lighting effect is to look for a line down the center of the subject’s face. Since the light source is positioned 90 degrees from the subject’s face, you should see the line. If not, then your subject may have moved.

As an added tip, you might want to convert the photo to black and white. I personally think that it looks way better and dramatic that way.


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