5 Tips for Taking Panoramic Photos With Your Smartphone

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Panoramic images of stunning landscapes almost always look marvellous, but they can be extremely difficult to create. Using a smartphone, however, there are various techniques and tricks – not to mention apps – which you can employ to get the best results.

1. Lighting and Shape

In standard photos, you should be able to position yourself to take advantage of the best light source and let your camera do the rest.

With panoramic photography, the light changes with each composite snap, especially if you’re indoors. The shape of the scene will also play an important factor in this, as well as any walls and fabrics that are present. Light will diffuse across softer materials and bounce off walls and floors, causing considerable problems with the picture.

Even outdoors can be difficult. The snap above has a striping effect there the photos were matched up by the software. Why are they darker at one end? Difficult to say as it was years since they were taken. However, a finger casting a shadow over the lens can cause this problem, as can a sky with lots of clouds rapidly passing in front of the sun.

For the best, most consistent results, avoid taking panoramic photos with your smartphone if you’re indoors unless you have control over the lighting and/or you are looking for a particular effect or atmosphere that can only be attained by confused lighting. Also, keep your fingers out of the way.

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