5 Tips For Shooting In Direct Sunlight

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3. Golden Hour- If you are able to, hold off on shooting until about an hour before sunset (or if you’re a morning person, the first hour after the sun rises). This is referred to as the “golden hour”, and it’s truly magical!!!

4. Use Your Surroundings- This works well with backlighting and especially so if you have an assistant.  Backlighting can be tricky because there is SO much light behind your subject, but not enough in front of them to sometimes get a properly exposed image.

This can sometimes cause your clients to suffer from what I like to call “shark eyes”, where their eyes are just so dark you can’t see any catchlights or even what color their eyes are.  I like to use my natural surroundings to bounce the light back onto them.  A few ways to do this are through an actual reflector built for this, having an assistant hold it.  You can also use a white wall if you’re shooting downtown, the white sand if you’re on the beach, a piece of white cardboard, almost anything!

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