5 Tips For Shooting In Direct Sunlight

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Have you ever had to shooting in full sun…had to do photography in harsh sunlight?  Today I’m sharing 5 Tips for Shooting in Direct Sunlight and covering where should the sun be when taking portraits, shooting into the sun and camera settings for bright sunlight.  

Sometimes the perfect moment presents itself in less-than-perfect conditions, like high noon when the sun is at it’s harshest!  No matter how hard I try, those magical moments when you actually have your camera ready happen and I want to help you make the most of them.  Here are 5 tips for taking better pictures when the sun has other plans!


1. Open Shade- If at all possible, find some open shade.  This can be in the form of a large tree, a pavilion of some sort, your front porch, a sidewalk lined with trees- whatever you can find!  It will immediately take the edge off the sun’s harsh rays and better help your subjects avoid that oh-so-flattering squinting!

2. Backlighting- If you can’t find open shade, the next best thing is to try and position the sun either behind or at a 45 degree angle behind your subject, also referred to as backlighting.  This effect creates a beautiful glow around your subject and is much less harsh on their eyes.

The trick when backlighting is to make sure to properly expose for your subject’s skin and not over/ under expose too much due to all the light flooding your lens! No matter what time of day I shoot, I nearly ALWAYS use this method.  I just love the look it creates.

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