5 Reasons Why the iPad Pro Is an Indispensable Tool for Photography

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2. Design and Portability

One of the major draws of an iPad has always been its mobility. Although the iPad Pro is a bit bulkier than its predecessors, it’s still nowhere near as unwieldy as a laptop.

For photographers this makes a world of difference. Many photographers do live photo-shoots, carrying around a laptop in this scenario is not only burdensome it’s also impractical. But with a workflow that immediately uploads photos to your iPad Pro it can become an indispensable and convenient tool for live photo shoots.

Apple has made it easier to transfer photos straight to the iPad after a photo shoot, but there are companies like Eyefi that offer wireless SD cards that immediately backup photos as they are taken and they can be immediately viewed on a connected iPad Pro for example.

The iPad Pro’s portability is also fantastic for any on the go photographer. There is no other device that compares to the iPad in terms of its power and its convenience. It’s now common to see someone break out an iPad just about anywhere and get some work done. But of course, in order to be a viable tool, an iPad has to provide both portable hardware and superb software. We’ll get more into applications in a minute, but apps like Lightroom by Adobe are continuing to push the boundaries between a Mac and an iPad enabling iPad users to do more than ever before.

It is hard to deny that tablet computing is the future, and it seems photography is among the professions that could go completely mobile before long. For amateur photographers, the iPad Pro already provides everything you would need to get your work done, and for professionals the same is true with exception of editing RAW image files, which I’ll cover more below, and performing major photo editing tasks that still probably need to be performed on desktop software like Adobe Photoshop.

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