5 Exercises to Build Muscle Without Weights

Building muscle without weights is an excellent place to start your muscle building program. It will build a foundation upon which you can develop at a later stage using heavy weights for maximum muscle growth.
But don’t be thinking this is an easy touch. Any method of increasing your muscle mass is going to involve hard work and effort on your part, and if you’re not prepared to make that commitment, there’s not much point in reading any further.

Why in particular is building muscle without weights so beneficial?

Well, it is particularly beneficial in the building up of your slow twitch muscle fibre development and it helps your recovery ability. This means that when you progress to weights, you will be able to recover quicker between weights.You see, it is a fact that slow twitch fibers contract for long periods of time but with little force, whilst fast twitch fibers on the other hand contract quickly and powerfully but tend to fatigue very quickly.

Several top guys in this field as well as myself are big advocates of training without weights before progressing to weight training. But you should have training with weights as your goal within the near future because good and all as training without them can be, you will not see the same muscular growth and development as I’m sure you would like by just sticking to training using your body weight.

So, anyway, what sort of exercises should you be doing without weights, and how often etc, to see any sort of improvement?

I am going to suggest 5 exercises and these will provide the perfect platform for progressing to weight training if you don’t feel quite ready for that stage yet…(In fact they can still be done even alongside weight training)

Exercise 1 (Chest) – 50 Push Ups (Press-ups).

These are to be done with the chest touching the floor each time, the arms fully locking at the top of each rep and eyes facing forward, not looking to the ground.

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