5 Challenging Gender Stereotypes That Don’t Let Us Be Happy

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Stereotype № 3: Men are polygamous and women should be okay with this.

The numbers in studies differ but all scientists agree on one thing: men cheat more often on their partners than women. Some people think that men have some kind of a “gene” that makes them cheat. But the reality is that neither men nor women are monogamous from birth. The fact that women loved other men before meeting their husbands proves that they are polygamous too.

Fidelity is a conscious choice and cheating is a good reason to think about whether you need this relationship or not. Even if you don’t want to break up, maybe it’s better to stay away from each other for a little while: remembering that the one who cheated should be putting in some kind of effort if they want to stay together.

Stereotype № 4: Women are worse managers than men.

Because many employers believe that women are not good for management positions, they rarely get jobs where they can showcase their leadership skills. This idea creates the “glass ceiling” effect — an invisible barrier that limits women’s career growth because of reasons that have nothing to do with their professional skills.

There is also a huge wage gap: men earn more money for the same job than women. However, famous psychologist Jordan Peterson says that the salary gap is caused not just by gender differences but by personality traits like being too soft or emotional. The necessary “harder” traits are suppressed in women, so it becomes harder for them to earn a better salary and move forward.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence found out how much her male colleagues got for the same movie and she was really angry with herself for not being persistent enough when negotiating her salary because of not wanting to get a bad reputation. Since then, Jennifer and other Hollywood actresses have been fighting for equal salaries and they serve as an example for other women fighting for their rights.

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