5 Challenging Gender Stereotypes That Don’t Let Us Be Happy

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Stereotype № 2: Men should pay for women at a restaurant.

American woman Ashleigh Bradley‏ complained on Twitter that she went on a date where she told the guy that it wasn’t going to work out and he told her to pay for 50% of the restaurant bill. This caused a heated argument online: should a man pay for a woman during the dating period. And if yes, then what do they pay for?

Psychologist Marina Commisarova says that the traditional courtship (flowers, asking out, and opening doors) is just a romantic gesture that shouldn’t be mistaken for being ready to satisfy all the needs of a woman. Courtship means that a man is interested, which is nice but if a woman wants to be respected and if she wants her opinion to be taken seriously then she needs to refuse this constant care.

If it’s about a balanced relationship, then ideally a man should offer to pay and a woman should refuse. And if he gives her a present, she should give him a present too. When a woman really needs help, she should ask for it, and a man should be ready to help. But in the situations when a woman can easily take care of herself, she should do just that.

Actress Emma Watson said, “I like it when someone opens a door for me or invites me to dinner. The question is, would a man feel offended if I held a door for him? If not, then we’re fine: we are just being polite to each other.”

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