5 Brilliant Photography Hacks You Must Try

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Try these 5 Brilliant Photography Hacks will transform your creativity.  These hacks can be used for photography hacks, newborn photography hacks and creative photography hacks -like using sandwich bags!

I love finding D.I.Y. projects that I can use instead of buying an already made piece of equipment. It’s always cheaper, and it’s a lot more fun to experiment yourself with these items!  For example I’ll be showing you a photography lighting hack using a coffee filter…brilliant, right?

All of these photography hacks are really easy to achieve and each are under $15 to create!


 1. DIY Camera Filters:

When I first learned about camera filters, I was extremely excited! What a fun idea that you can create artistic effects with a filter you can clip onto your lens! Most filters I found on the market though were quite boring, so I decided to find some D.I.Y. filters perfect for those projects. Some of my favorite filters are created with items you can find around you own house, and they take minutes to put together! 

Two of my go-to D.I.Y. filters are using a plain ziplock bag rubber banded to your lens and the second is using a sheet of clear transparency with sharpie colored on top for a fun, colorful filter. Both of these add beautiful texture to your photos that are even more beautiful than what you can do in Photoshop!



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