4-Day Workout for Gains in Weak Areas

How it Works

A basic training program has been prescribed for every body part. To emphasize some muscles over others, simply plug in the appropriate exercises that focus on the lacking area from the lists provided. The areas we’re offering targeted training for are the upper chest, lower lats, side delts, biceps, and calves—common weak points on guys that, when corrected, really make for a complete physique. Customize the workouts as you like, and get the body you want at last.

Perform the chest/shoulders and legs workouts on consecutive days, if possible. Then, rest a day, perform the back workout, rest another day, do the arm workout, and rest again before repeating the cycle.

Occasionally integrate an alternate move seen below. For example, if you want to target your upper chest, find the “Upper-chest Emphasis” exercise list and replace the dumbbell bench press with the incline dumbbell flye (or incline cable flye), the bench press with the incline bench press, and the wide-grip dip with the stretch pushup. Note that the arms and calves don’t need replacement exercises; they’re simply trained more often or with more volume.

Alternate Exerecises

Upper-Chest Emphasis

Incline dumbbell flye with palms-down grip
Incline cable flye with palms-down grip
Low-incline bench press (incline the bench only slightly)
Stretch pushup with feet elevated

Shoulders and Side-delt Emphasis

Lateral raise with partial range of motion: Use heavy dumbbells and swing the weights only a few inches away from your sides.
Over and Back Press: Press a bar overhead but don’t lock out your elbows. Lower it behind your neck, then press up.

Calf Emphasis

Perform this exercise last on leg day and in the arms, abs, and calves workout.

Tibialis Raise
Sets: 3
Reps: 25
Rest: 2 min.

Stand on a block or step with your toes hanging over the edge and rock your heels back, raising your toes as high as you can.
Back and Lower-lat Emphasis

  • Single-arm Pulldown with Palm-facing Grip: Attach a single-grip handle to a high-pulley cable, and pull the handle down to your collarbone with one hand.
  • Rack Pull: Set a barbell on the spotter bars of a power rack so it’s just below knee height. Grasp the bar outside your knees and drive your heels into the floor to extend your hips to lockout.
  • One-arm Barbell Row: Performed the same as a DB row but with a barbell loaded with weight.

Biceps Emphasis

Choose two biceps exercises and perform three sets of each after your back training. Do this in addition to the arm workout day. Hold the top of each rep for one second while flexing, and take three seconds to lower the weight on each rep.

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