Master Your Photo Skills with These 6 Easy Tricks

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Photography is a universal language. A way to share memories, fondly recall momentous events, and visually track the passage of time. But all too often our images don’t fully encapsulate the grandeur, emotion or authenticity of any given moment. Fear not; we’ve put together six simple, easy to remember tips, to help improve your photos in no time—no matter your camera or technical know how.

Problem #1: Blurry images

In order to capture vivid details of your subject, spend some time getting comfortable with your camera’s focus.

  • DO use manual focus to achieve razor-sharp details. If you’re starting out, first determine what you want to focus on while holding the shutter button down halfway. This will help inform the focal point of your photograph and determine where a viewer’s eyes will be drawn. By selecting a strong focus point, you’ll instantly transform your images resulting in both crisper and more visually powerful shots.
  • DON’T let your camera decide what to focus on. It can be intimidating at first, but the best way to learn great focus is to shut-off auto mode and experiment with the settings yourself. A good rule of thumb is to focus at “double distance” — twice as far as the closest object in your image.

Ready to focus? The CreativeLive class The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners will train your eye to locate what’s important in your photos in no time.

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