16 Practical Tips to Improve Your Low Light Photography

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6. Set your White Balance manually

Natural colours are important in a low light photo. Eerie background colours may pop up if the settings are not correct, therefore, on your phone, look up the white balance. A good white balance marks the difference between a nice low light photo of a concert, to making it look like you were in a haunted house. The lower the light, the more difficult it is for your camera to guess the white balance, so make sure you set it manually.

7. Do not flash!

It does look good to have the subject in the foreground have more light thrown on them, but this could also mean your subject appears garish and leaves a tacky look on the photo. In a low light photo, it is best if you leave the natural lights on and let the ISO do the work. In concert photos, skin might appear harsh and the surrounding colours may exude a different light. Stick to an environmental light as much as possible.

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