16 Practical Tips to Improve Your Low Light Photography

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2. Shutter must be open, mostly

The IOS value directly determines how noisy a prospective photo will look and apertures are fixed on smartphones, so it would be ideal for you to leave the shutter open longer, in order to get sharper and better-focused images.  The longer your shutter speed, the more your chances are for the photo to appear blurred, so make sure you use this tip for your stable and still subjects. A long enough shutter speed could result in night time photos as noise-free as those taken during the day.

3. Find the right exposure

Find your muse, and set your phone in a steady position. Exposure is not just an important setting for your DSLR, but for your phone too. Tap on the screen once you focus on your subject and the camera will set it into the right exposure that you need for the click. Keep this in mind when you click cityscapes. There are exposure compensation tools on your phone that you can use while clicking a photo, just in case you are aiming for the perfect shot. Low light photos are not easy to edit in Photoshop, so make sure your photo is properly lit before you click it.

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