15 Vintage Photos From U.S. History That You’ve Never Seen Before

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I never knew America was like this!

33 insane photos from america’s past that you won’t believe. We have visions of what America’s past was really like, but do we actually know what it was like? We can only decipher the history through relics: ancient written works, icons and items from centuries past, paintings, and most of all, pictures. Since the 1850s, photography has been a staple of American history, and we have recorded things we might have otherwise never known about, thanks to work of tireless photographers. And through it all, we have captured a snapshot portrait of the United States of America in a single slideshow.

These rare, vintage photos are more than just pictures. They’re living, breathing relics of a moment forever frozen in time that shows us amazing things about the way that our country is, and the way our country was. Some of these pictures will break your heart, others will make you laugh, and still others will fascinate you. And nothing international here: all of these photos are homegrown American! But you have probably never seen most of these photographs before anyway, so we really think you will thoroughly enjoy this slideshow. These powerful images, showing what the United States REALLY used to be like, will take your breath away.

1. Diving Horses

In New Jersey, divers used to dive horses right off the steel boardwalk in Atlantic City. This extremely dangerous act was banned in the ’50s.

2. Female Fight Club

Boys told them they couldn’t join their boxing club, so these ladies of the 1940s climbed a building and beat each other up all on their own.

3. Meteorite Bruise

In 1954, Ann Hodges, a homemaker in Sylacauga, Alabama, was hit by a meteorite. She was napping on her couch when a fragment of the meteorite crashed through her roof, ricocheted off the radio, and hit her in the hip. This was the bruise she received. To this day, she’s the only American to have ever been hit by a meteorite.

4. Fiddle Clowns

Is… is this what happened with the devil went down to Georgia?

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