15 Things Fans Totally Missed About The PlayStation Consoles

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The internet might offer you information in abundance, something you could never have found just over two decades ago, but as there’s just so much to find here on the internet, you most likely haven’t spent most of your time digging up information about Sony’s PlayStation’s history. The console brand has been around for twenty-four years as of 2018, and will naturally be celebrating its quarter century anniversary next year.

Sony’s crafted a rich legacy for the PlayStation brand, one that will never be tarnished; or so one might think. The truth is, the PS brand’s seen its fair share of controversies and tough times. It might not seem like it in today’s environment, where the PS4 is the undisputed king of all consoles, but just about a decade ago it was trying times indeed for Sony.

PlayStation has met with several ups and downs in its long lifespan, and in its own way, it’s a success story that inspiration can definitely be drawn from. After all, the story’s got everything you want: drama, intense battles, betrayal, rivalry, and a winning ending (at least for the time being).

Along with all the things you don’t know about the PlayStation’s history, there are several features regarding the consoles that you should know about. While these features are generally announced to the world at large; over time, they tend to get lost in the mix and you just might be pleasantly surprised to find an interesting option you haven’t made use out of yet.

1. Partnership With Nintendo

Originally, Sony had no intention of releasing the PlayStation as a separate console. It was a project to design an add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the form of a CD-ROM.

Talks broke down when Nintendo canceled the deal.

Once it seemed most likely that the PlayStation add-on wouldn’t be going forward, and was about to be shelved, Kent Kutaragi-known now as “The Father of the PlayStation”-pressed on for Sony to complete the project by developing it into a console of its own. The deal between Nintendo and Sony broke down due to Nintendo wanting full rights, and looking to keep Sony in a “non-gaming” role.

2. PlayStation Was The First 100 Million Console

It took 9 years and 6 months, but after that nearly decade’s time, the PlayStation 1 became the first home console to reach the 100 million units sold mark. It was a remarkable achievement, something that’s still coveted even in this day and age.

When Sony had released the PlayStation, it was entering a market dominated for years by Nintendo and Sega. For them to usurp these competitors and reach a milestone neither had achieved before was a feat that should be recounted in the continuing history of consoles. The sales numbers achieved by the PS1 is such that in the all-time consoles sales list, it stands on the fourth position.

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