15 Common photography problems (and how to fix them)

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Problem No. 4: Should I use Continuous or Auto Reset for file numbering?

We tend to stick with the Continuous file numbering option because, even after removing a memory card, copying the files and then formatting it, the numbering system will carry on from where it left off. This is also true when swapping memory cards. The advantage is that, even over long periods, all of your camera’s image files will have unique file names.

Problem No. 5: What’s the difference between raw and JPEG image quality settings?

Put simply, it’s best to think of JPEGs as high-street prints and raw files as negatives. You camera’s already applied an number of adjustments to a JPEG file, as well as compressing it at the same time.

A raw file lets you make all those creative choices, allowing you to control exposure, white balance, color mode, saturation, contrast, sharpening, as well as a host of other settings. It’s more time consuming, and you’ll need to use a raw converter like¬†Photoshop Lightroom, but the results are worth it.¬†

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