15 Celebs Who Got Famous and Successful Despite Their Severe Illnesses

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Celebrity life is very much different than the life of ordinary people. It looks like it’s more carefree and bright but no one is safe from disease and to succeed, you have to cope with difficulties. Famous model Bella Hadid has to be put on a water drip before photoshoots. Kim Kardashian shared on her Instagram that the best Christmas present was to win over psoriasis that she’s been fighting for many years. Celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip

Listabs.com gathered a list of famous people who haven’t given up and have succeeded despite their constant battle against serious health issues. When they opened up about their health problems, they played an important role in helping other people cope with their illnesses. Celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip

1. Lady Gaga

In 2017, Lady Gaga opened up about her fibromyalgia. In 2013, she had spoken out about severe pains she was experiencing all over her body but she didn’t know the reason for them.

“I want to help raise awareness and connect people who have fibromyalgia. We can all share what helps and what hurts so we can help each other,” the singer wrote on her Twitter page. Celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip

People diagnosed with fibromyalgia suffer from problems with sleep, muscle pain, increased fatigue, loss of memory, and lack of concentration. Almost 4% of the population has this disease.

2. Marilyn Monroe

There’s always been a lot of speculation swirling around Marilyn Monroe. For example, some contemporaries claimed that her amazing “dancing” walk was due to an inborn defect: one leg was shorter than the other. To hide this she moved her hips when she walked. Others have said that she would make one of the heels on her shoes shorter to make her walk smooth and sexy. Celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip

She also suffered from psychological problems as well: she had bipolar disorder that caused insomnia, periods of euphoria, and anger. Her psychological state also had a negative impact on Marylin’s work and filming process.

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