12 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Sewer

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7. Cat feces

The sewage system is supposed to help us get rid of feces, and cat feces are no exception. However, experts don’t recommend throwing away cat litter. In a few hours, the litter will solidify and get stuck somewhere in the pipe. Remember: cat litter should be thrown away along with the rest of the trash you have.

8. Chlorine bleach

Chlorine-based detergents are very aggressive. In fact, they are so aggressive that they can damage the pipes if you use them too often. In fact, you don’t need to wash your toilet every day using such detergents — you can use vinegar instead.

9. Face masks

Clay-based face masks should not be washed down the sewer. The small particles eventually will pile up on the inside of the pipes and make a huge clog. The upper layer of the mask should be removed with a piece of cloth and the rest of the small particles can be washed off with water.

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