12 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Sewer

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4. Fish

It seems to be a really common situation when dead fish are thrown down the sewer. However, this is not a good idea at all as the dead bodies can block the pipe.

In Canada, the authorities asked the citizens not to throw live fish down the sewer because when they eventually reach a pond, they kill the local fish.

5. A Band-Aid

A regular Band-Aid is made of a lot of different things — fats, wax, rubber, and other ingredients. Such a “cocktail” doesn’t dissolve in water and can clog the pipes in your house.

6. Contact lenses

Contact lenses are made of polymers that don’t decompose for many years. Of course, a tiny lens probably won’t block a pipe but it will definitely harm the environment. Experts calculated that each year, more than 20 tons of contact lens end up in the sewers and contaminate water.

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