12 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Sewer

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People throw all sorts of things down the sewer. Among the most unpleasant things that plumbers find there are plastic bottles, bricks, and even clothes. Of course, regular people won’t try to get rid of their things in this barbaric way. But who would have thought that even the most harmless things, such as dental floss or a face mask can end up clogging a pipe? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Today, Listabs.com has prepared a list of things that you should never throw down the sewer.

1. Toilet paper

There is a lot of debate over whether or not it is okay to throw toilet paper down the sewer. Most experts think that this doesn’t do any harm if you live in a regular house or in an apartment building. However, if there is a septic tank, you shouldn’t throw anything down the sewer. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

In fact, in different countries, people have different attitudes to this. Traveler Matt Kitson made an entire website where he tells about the countries where you shouldn’t do this.

2. Dental floss

Dental floss consists of fibrous material which is why it can get piled up inside pipes and can form clogs. Also, throwing away dental floss down the drain is not eco-friendly at all. Synthetic fiber doesn’t decompose and harms the environment.

3. Bubble gum

Bubble gum doesn’t dissolve in water and it can also stick to the pipes and form a clog. This is why you should never get rid of bubble gum this way.

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